We had two days in An Riocht – with all the usual disciplines and a side match of Classic and Sporting Rifle @ 300m

The sun came out for a great weekends shooting – with the breeze getting going in the afternoons and the occasional shower on the Sunday – it didn’t seem to put anyone off. GP85 proved popular again and we saw some very good scores across all disciplines.


You can view results here

Our next outing will be MNSCI on May 12th.

Any questions please drop a line to

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs

Results from NASRPC National at MTSC 24th and 25th of March 2018.

Results from NASRPC National At FRC 24th and 25th June 2017.


Results from An Riocht, National competition June 2017.

Results Munster League @ Fermoy 12/02/2017.

Munster League Results @ FRC 12/02/2017

Competition Winners Munster League 2016


Results Munster League. @ Munster Target Shooting Club 29/05/16


Results Munster League. @ Munster Target Shooting Club 20/03/16

MArch-2016-Combined-Scores at MTSC

Results Munster League @ Fermoy 14/02/16

Results Munster League. @ Munster Target Shooting Club 06/12/15.


Results Munster League @ An Riocht. 15/11/15


Results Munster League @ Fermoy 04/10/15.

Fermoy Inter Club Shoot 04-10-2015

Results Munster League. @ Munster Target Shooting Club 06/09/15.


Results Munster League An Riocht 16/08/15.

munster league – 16-08-15

Results Munster League Fermoy 19/07/15.

ML FRC 19-07-15

Munster League Sunday 19/04/2015 Fermoy Rifle Club.

T&P 1  S B Pistol. Max 300 Multi Target S B Pistol. Max 120
Name Club Score Name Club Score
Declan Fitzgerald F.R.C 279 Kieran Barry FRC 90
Con Dunlevey MTSC 277 Ian McGill Riocht 86
Noel Connolly FRC 269 Declan Fitzgerald FRC 84
Jim O Donoghue Riocht 267 Mark Kinane Riocht 81
Jeff McCann MTSC 262 Con Dunleavey MTSC 80
Bill Connolly FRC 262 Jim O Donoghue Riocht 77
Kieran Barry FRC 261 Noel Connolly FRC 77
Pat O Mahony Riocht 260 Danny Healy Riocht 74
Ellen McCormack Riocht 257 Gerry Conway FRC 74
Mark Kinane Riocht 249 Paul Franklin FRC 74
Gerry Conway FRC 243 Bill Connolly FRC 71
Ian McGill Riocht 239 Jeff McCann MTSC 66
Paul Franklin FRC 227 Ellen McCormack Riocht 63
David  Flynn MTSC 227 David Flynn MTSC 57
Danny Healy Riocht 226 Colin McCormack Riocht 54
Colin McCormack Riocht 214 Mick McGrath Riocht 49
Bill Smyth FRC 195 Bill Smyth FRC 41
Mick McGrath Riocht 148

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