Members of Fermoy Rifle Club have access to a wide range of shooting facilities and a friendly and experienced club environment.

The club is open Sunday 10am-2pm (all year) and Tuesday  2-8pm (from May to October).

The club does not require any previous experience to join, complete beginners and experienced shooters are equally welcome. Many of our experienced members will be happy to help and guide new members on equipment and technique for the wide range of shooting disciplines that the club offers.

Due to the nature of target shooting, in which focus and concentration are key skills, people can compete on equal terms regardless of age. The club has members aged from 16 to 70, both men and women.

Our commitment to safety is one of the core values of the club and our Range Officers have extensive experience in this area.

Testimonials From Members:

Testimonial 1

I’d always enjoyed online shooters and felt I’d like to try the real thing, especially with people who knew what they were doing. The lads in Fermoy have been brilliant , great welcome and helping me improve. I’m really enjoying the Sunday sessions.

Testimonial 2

I’ve always liked to try new things, one day I saw an article online about shooting, so I decided to give it a go. I came in knowing almost nothing about the sport. I’m glad to say that I now own a rifle and regularly take part in competitions.

Testimonial 3

One of my friends recommended I try target shooting. I didn’t expect to be interested but I gave it a go anyway, now I have a new hobby that I love. It’s great to be able to fire off a few shots after a stressful week at work. The relaxation and zenness you get from concentrating on the target is unrivaled.

Information on Joining:

To join the club, please arrange a visit first to see the club’s facilities. Email us at or fill in the contact form at the end of this page.

Following your visit, you may then begin the process and paperwork for joining. The club will provide you with a membership card and after this, you will be able to apply for your gun licence. Experienced members may also be able to advise you on firearms and equipment such as rests and scopes.

Obtaining a Gun Licence in Ireland:

Once you have you club membership, applying for your gun licence is straightforward if you follow the steps below:

  1. Choose which gun you would like to purchase and put a deposit on it with a Registered Firearm Dealer.
  2. Complete a Safety Course, which the club offers to its members. You will receive more information on this when you join the club.
  3. Fill out the FCA1 form. This form can be found on the Garda Síochana website here.
  4. Submit the completed form to your local Garda station and then wait for a response from the Gardaí. This can take up to 3 months.

Once you have your licence, you can use all of the club facilities and take part in shooting competitions.

To join the club please email us at