Get all Competition results here

Great to see FRC doing so well in this competition,
3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze.
well done Fermoy shooters.


Thanks to all the guys and gals in Fermoy Rifle club for hosting the NASRPC this past weekend. The sun was shining, the BBQ was lit, the craic was good and some great scores got recorded.

As the last heat for National Team Selection before the World Cup there was a lot of interest in the GR1500 scores – which, as always in Fermoy, were huge – we saw some of those that will be representing Ireland in the IGRF World Cup in less than two weeks post new personal bests – which shows their preparations are well on track.
But it wasn’t all 1500s – we recorded over 70 new personal bests across the rest of the disciplines.
There’s something in the water in Fermoy!!
We’ll see those of you shooting the preshoot for the World Cup next weekend – and everyone else the weekend after.
Only 9 more sleeps!!!!!

NARSPC Teams for 2017 World Cup

The Teams that will take part in the IGRF World Cup to be held in the MNSCI, Co. Offaly on Sunday July 9th.

Best of luck to all from everyone at Fermoy rifle club.

The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold a National Competition inFermoy Rifle Club, Ballydague, Ballyhooly,, Co. Cork on Saturday 25th June 2016


  • Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • Centrefire Pistol – T&P1
  • Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  • Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Factory Sporter
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – International Sporter
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Light Varmint
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Heavy Varmint
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • M1 Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
  • M1 Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • M1 Gallery Rifle – Multi Target

Entry Fee:    €10 Per Discipline, payable on the day.    €50 Discounted Entry for Entire NASRPC match    Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students and the unemployed    only one discount applies

Schedule & Pre-registration

Match Schedule

Pre-registration is now open    

Note: Pre-registration is not mandatory, but recommended.

Please Note

  • All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions.
  • First Detail will begin at 10:00am
  • Last Detail will begin at 16:30pm.
  • Results will be posted in the days following the event
  •  Note: Medals will only be awarded in classes where there are sufficient entries.  Medals may be collected at later NASRPC events
  • All Events will count towards the 2016 NASRPC National Championships.

See the NASRPC Website or contact or more details.

Directions    GPS coordinates are: 52.13895, -8.43422    Google Maps

More Info:    FRC intend to have food available to purchase at the range during the match.

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact     

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs

Munster League 2016. Next Leg, June 2016.

Change of Date

The next leg of the Munster league will be held on Sunday 19th June. instead of Sunday the 12th of June. The competition will take place at Fermoy Rifle club and we are looking forward to meeting every one there.

Munster League 2016. Next Leg.

Sunday next the 29th May will see shooters travel to Munster Target Shooting club in Ballyhoura, to take part in this very popular League, Best of luck to all.

NASRPC Newsletter.

The NASRPC have just posted their latest issue of their newsletter, follow the link for a very informative read.    NASRPC-Newsletter-March-2016

Information Received From The NASRPC.

 NASRPC Advisory – Usage of Restricted Firearms

 by Gerry | Mar 5, 2016

At a recent NASRPC event, an issue arose regarding the use of a restricted firearm belonging to another competitor.

For context, a competitor’s restricted firearm malfunctioned earlier in the day, and they wished to use an identical firearm in the same calibre, so he could compete in an important match.  This “substitute” firearm was not licensed to him.

After some discussion, the competitor withdrew, as the legal position of this request was unclear.

To clarify this position for the future, we decided to consult a barrister who is also a shooter, for guidance and to seek advice.

We have now received his advice, which states that although there would seem to be a discrepancy between the primary legislation and the SI, which deals with the use of firearms on the range, in all cases, the primary legislation trumps the secondary legislation, that is the SI.

Therefore the NASRPC committee wishes to council the members and the clubs that in the case of restricted firearms, only the person with a firearms certificate for the specific firearm may use that firearm on shooting ranges. A restricted firearm may not be shared with any other shooter, even though that shooter may be licensed for the same class/make/model of firearm, of the same calibre.

Munster League 2016. Next Leg.

The next leg of the Munster League will take place on Sunday 20/03/2016 at Munster Target Shooting Club in Ballyhoura,

Munster League 14/02/16 at Fermoy.

There was a good turnout for the first competition in this years Munster league which was held in Fermoy on Sunday.

The weather was cold but dry, the cold certainly did not affect the scoring which was of a very high standard,

Fermoy shooters did well on the day with one First and Three placements, Congratulations to Gerry on his perfect Max score of 300 Well done

Thanks to all who helped out with the scoring and thanks to the Range Safety Officers for all their hard work.

Looking forward to the next leg which will be held next month at Munster Target Shooting Club.

There is a link on our results page  for all the results from Sunday.

Follows us on face book, follow the link in our links page,

Munster League 2016. Change of Venue

The first shoot of this years Munster League will take place on Sunday the 14th of February, at Fermoy Rifle club.


As we enter the new year there are a lot of exciting developments in the field of Target shooting.

We hope to have a calender for the Munster league on site within the next few days.      This is very exciting news as it was a very successful event in 2015. The competition will be commencing in February. Watch this space for updates over the coming days.

The AGM of the NASRPC (National Association of Sporting Rifle and Pistol Clubs) was held in the Osprey Hotel, Naas, Co Kildare on Saturday 16th Of January.

A new committee was voted in at this meeting, they Are,

Gerry McCarthy (MTSC) Chairman.

Karl O’Brien (Hilltop), Vice Chair.
Nicholas Flood (East Coast), Hon. Secretary.
Mike Nestor (Harbour House) Treasurer.
Mick McGrath (An Riocht), Asst. Secretary.
James Connolly (Lough Bo), PRO.
Jeff McCann (MTSC), National Competition Director.
Declan Keogh (Harbour House), National Training and Development Officer,
Noel Thompson ( Harbour House), Child Protection officer.

Congratulations to one and all.  we look forward to working with them all in the future.

It is also great to see Three of our colleagues from Munster taking up positions on the committee, so a very warm congratulations to,

Gerry McCarthy (MTSC) Chairman.

Mick McGrath (An Riocht), Asst. Secretary.

Jeff McCann (MTSC), National Competition Director.

For further news on the NASRPC please go to our links page.

Also FRC would like to thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work for our sport in the past.

New S.I. and Press Release by Minister for Justice.

Follow the links below for an up date on the latest press release from the Minister for Justice on the Licencing of firearms that have come in to affect from 15/09/2015.

New S.I. and Press Release by Minister for Justice


Munster League Final at MTSC Ballyhoura.

The last leg of the Munster League was held in Munster Target Shooting Club on Sunday 06/12/15. This brought to an end our first League to be held between the Munster clubs.

The League has been a tremendous success trough 2015, and last Sunday for the final in Ballyhoura was no exception. There was a great turnout from all 3 clubs, with great competition between all the competitors. Prizes were taken by all 3 clubs in the end in the different categories.

Fermoy Shooters were at the forefront of the prizes taking some 1st places, 2nd places and 3rd places. Gerry Conway had some great wins in the rifle competitions with Declan Fitzgerald getting a 1st and 3rd place in the pistol completions.  Well done to all.

The league will be taking a break in January but will be starting off again in February 2016.

Have a look at the prize giving photos link, MTSC Ballyhoura, in the Gallery Section

Check out the Results from MTSC by following the link in the  Results Page

Munster League, Next Leg.

Munster League is confirmed as going ahead tomorrow at Munster Target Shooting Club.

The next leg of the Munster league will take place Sunday, the 6th December. The competition will be held at Munster Target Shooting club. Ballyhoura. To facilitate club members travelling to this competition, Fermoy ranges will be closed on Sunday the 6th December. This is the last leg of our inter club competition, the Munster League, We would encourage as many members as possible to go to this competition. Also a special thanks to all 3 clubs involved in this league, for all their hard work and support which has made the league so successful and enjoyable. We look forward to a new league starting early in 2016.

Munster League at Fermoy 04/10/2015.

Thanks to all that supported the Munster league in Fermoy. Only two more dates available for this Competition.

Results can been seen by following the link for Results Page

Munster League Next Leg.

The next leg of our League will be held on our range in Fermoy on Sunday October the 4th. We look forward to a good turnout for this competition. There has been great support so far from all 3 clubs involved in this competition.

National Rimfire Benchrest Association of Ireland.

Our friends from the benchrest association will be holding a benchrest competition at Fermoy Rifle Club on Sunday the 4th of October. we look forward to seeing all the rimfire rifle shooters there.

Munster League  06/09/15 Results.

Members of Fermoy Rifle Club Travelled to Ballyhoura to the Munster target Shooting club for this leg of the Munster League.

Fermoy again Took some of the honours on the day,

Declan Fitzgerald took 1st place in the Multi Target, and 2nd place for the T&P 1.

Brenden Kelly took 1st place T&P 1 rifle.

Gerry conway Got 2nd place in Multi Target and 3rd place in T&P 1. rifle.

Well done to one and all.

Next Munster league competition wild be a home event, at Fermoy on Sunday 4th October.

Munster League  16/08/15 Results.

Another great day out with our friends in Castlemain at the An Riocht Club

Thanks to all our club Members who travelled to Kerry for this leg of the League. Fermoy again did very well in the competition,

Declan Fitzgerald took two  1st places  in the T&P 1 and Multi Target  small bore pistol.

Gerry Conway Took a  2nd place in the rim fire rifle T&P 1.

Billy Connolly (club Chairman) Took 2nd place in the T&P 1 small bore pistol

Also a very well done to a new club member Brendan Kelly with a 3rd place in the multi target rim fire rifle.

A full list of the results can be had by following the results link on the Calendar page.

Munster League Next Leg.

The next leg of the Munster league will take place on Sunday August 16th at An Riocht Shooting Club. Castlemaine Co. Kerry. The Support of our club members would be greatly appreciated for this event.

As most members will be travelling to An Riocht for this Competition the ranges in Fermoy will be closed on Sunday Next the 16th.


FRC would like to welcome our friends from the IPAPC shooting club to Fermoy ranges on Thursday 27th august. Ranges will be opened to our own members as well. for further information please contact 085 8851829.

Munster League Inter Club Shoot on Sunday 03/05/15 at An Riocht Shooting Club.

FRC members travelled to Co Kerry on Sunday Last 03/05/15. To the An Riocht club for another leg of the inter club Munster league, the club was well represented, with Gerry Conway taking 2 firsts one second and a third place in 4 of the competitions. Declan Fitzgerald took a first and second place in two completions with Noel Connolly taking a third place. Fermoy is competing very well in the league so far.

Munster League Inter Club Shoot on Sunday. 19/04/2015. At Fermoy Rifle Club.

FRC were the hosts for this leg of the competition, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. We had a great turnout with excellent support from all three clubs. FRC did very well on the day with Gerry Conway taking 3 firsts in 3 competitions. Declan Fitzgerald took a first and a third place in 2 competitions. Kieran Barry got a first place followed by Noel Connolly who took a third place. Well done to all.

A special thanks to all who helped with the admin on the day, also for the excellent job done by our Range Safety Officers.

Munster League Inter Club Shoot on Sunday. 15/03/215 At Munster Target Shooting Club

This was the second leg of this years inter club shoot, the first leg having taken place at the An Riocht club in Kerry. There was a large crowd of participants with a good presence from Fermoy Rifle Club on the day. Fermoy had a good result with three of our shooters being placed in the top three in six of the competitions.


  • Mighty stuff Noel!!.

    On Tuesday 26 January 2016, Fermoy Rifle Club wrote:

    > noelfrc posted: “Get all Competition results here > —————————————————————————————————————————- > 2016. As we enter the new year there are a lot of exciting developments in > the field of Targe” >

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